Professional Communication Training is a dynamic Western Australian owned company originally established in 1991, to specialise in Building Communication Excellence in Business. Our focus is on the development and delivery of training solutions for people employed in key customer service roles. We have a strong foundation of experience in dramatically improving the performance of customer service and sales teams. We understand the importance of delivering highly successful learning outcomes at an organisational, team and individual level.

Professional Communication Training continues to lead the way in providing cutting edge customer service programs, designed to introduce participants to build skills, knowledge and confidence through active participation and involvement.

Participants are able to gain the most out of each course in a professional and comfortable learning environment. All programs are delivered and facilitated by professionals with extensive industry and adult education experience.

Professional Communication Training will offer you a distinct advantage in all aspects of your business whether you wish to: -

Our mission is to enhance the way your team communicates with both internal and external customers … Building Relationships, Profits and Results.


We aim to create a team of champions, by having the right people with the right skills, be provided with the right tools and systems, to give them and your organisation access to success.

Our goal is to enable clients to develop the key to bridging the gap between technology and people through customer service and quality conversations.

We believe that at the heart of every organisation the success lies in the one-to-one conversation with the customer. We enable staff to generate a quality interaction with every internal and external customer. Every quality conversation balanced with productivity measurements being met, leads to consistency and high performance. Complaint resolution is a prime area of frustration for customers. We are able to give your company the skills and tools to professionally manage complaints upon first contact.

In an era of ever-increasing demand, the ability to respond rapidly and professionally to acknowledge customer demands is critical to success.


Our commitment is to constantly add value by working with clients to develop customer service excellence in a competitive and constantly changing environment.

Our company has designed, developed and delivered highly successful training tools and practical skills to enhance performance for local, state and federal government, small and medium business, national and global companies in Australia. Let us give your business the edge it needs to remain a premium choice for your customers and staff.